About Joshh Soda

Joshh is the manufacturer and supplier of quality soda dispensers and soda machines. Since 2004 we are providing wide range of soda fountain machines in India and abroad at competitive prices. Our company is renowned for supplying soda fountain machines and soda machine parts with prompt and effective customer services. We have gained a reputation as the best soda making solution company amongst all our customers including shopping malls, restaurants, bars, hotels, commercial offices, shops in India and worldwide because all our soda making machines are perfectly engineered and designed meeting highest international quality standards. Our state of the art technology, relative designs, prompt servers and competitive pricing have resulted into a vast number of satisfied customers all over the world.

Why Choose Joshh Soda fountain Machines?

Whatever the level of support you require, we are sure that we will have a package that meet your needs.

We work specially for providing best output at low cost and with est technology such as pressure developmment system, Digital Temperature Control System, High Cooling , Energy Saving and much more.

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Machines Made are fully functional with the best technology to give better output, machines are designed to load every glass to full capacity and to run safely in the inverter mode.


Reliability is the first point while purchasing a soda fountain machine and Joshh soda Machines does that very well to reach your business standards.


Best in class cooling with super smooth valves and cooling feature makes Joshh soda Machines stand different from the other machine brands available in market.


The time for support is when you can judge a company, at Joshh Soda we ensure you wwith best support to help your business reach the highest marks.

Joshh Soda Machine Features

Have a glance at Joshh Soda Fountain Machine Features, that can help you choose us!

Joshh Soda Fountain Machines - Range

We provide soda fountain dispensers in different styles and themes having decent and charming looks. Our easy to operate soda making equipments are found in almost any restaurant, bar, hotel or event you attend. You can select a soda making machine depending on your business requirements as we have a wide range of soda fountain devices which can serve you with 6-8 flavours.

Joshh Van Model

A portable soda machine that can lead the business at maximum portablity.

Joshh Soda Fountain Machine Serves best for your business with quality and portablity with our Van Model serving 6 + 2 Flavours